Home-made food using fresh products from local producers

All throughout the year we propose seasonal dishes which won’t appear on our Website but that you’ll only find in our restaurant.


Duck Foie Gras Prepared by the Chef

40g :                  80g  :
€12,70                €22,20

Onion Soup with a Munster Cheese Toast


S’Kaechele Snails with Roquefort Cheese

Portion of 6 :   Portion of 12 :

€8,70                €16,20



Sauerkraut with meat

Kassler, frankfurter, smoked Alsace sausage, salt pork, smoked bacon, potatoes


Knuckle of Ham Braised in Pinot Noir

Sauté potatoes, green salad


Potato Gratin using Munster Cheese with small cubes of Shoulder of Ham

Green salad


Alsace Chicken Cordon Bleu with Munster Cheese

Sauté potatoes, green salad


Bibbeleskaes (fromage blanc)

Sauté potatoes, green salad

Side dish of raw ham + €3.80



Iced Kougelhopf with Kirsch


Dame blanche

(Vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate and chantilly)


Café Liégeois


Iced meringue

Selection of ice cream scoops


Bowl of Ice cream or Sorbet

Selection of 3 scoops

(Vanilla, chocolate, coffé, lemon, pear, raspberry, mirabelle, damson)


Bowl of Sorbet laced with Spirits

Lemon with Marc of Gewurtzraminer

Pear with williams pear brandy

Raspberry with raspberry liqueur

Mirabelle with mirabelle liqueur



Alsace-style coffee

(Cane Sugar, Marc of Gewurztraminer, coffee, chantilly)


Lorraine Coffee

(Cane Sugar, mirabelle, coffee, chantilly)


Irish Coffee

(Cane Sugar, Whisky, coffee, chantilly)