Home-made food using fresh products from local producers

Once seated you will be informed of other dishes we offer depending on the season and availability.


Bömlo Salmon Gravlax, Yuzu-flavoured Fromage Blanc


Duck Foie Gras

40g :                  80g  :
€12,70                €22,20

House Recipe of Black Angus Beef Flank Steak Carpaccio, Asian Marinade and Baby Sprouts



Beef Fillet Steak, Rich Porto-flavoured Sauce, Fingerling Potatoes and Ratatouille


Sea Bream Fillet, Sauce Vierge and Sweet Potato Purée


Herb Crusted Corn-fed Chicken Breast Escalope, Ratatouille and Homemade Spaetzle


Our desserts

Molten Chocolate Cake With a Ball of Vanilla Ice Cream


House Recipe of Roasted Pineapple, Ball of Sorbet of Your Choice


Iced Kougelhopf with Kirsch